I have done what was mine to do. May Christ teach you yours.

Saint Francis of Assisi

About the Pilgrimage Reflections

April 9, 2024

Since 2003, the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity Sponsored Ministries has taken select leaders and associates on pilgrimages to Assisi and Rome. A challenge that commonly follows such an awe-inspiring trip like a pilgrimage is that upon returning home, it’s not long before the busyness and noise of the routines we shed for those few precious days creep back into our lives. For many, the solemn and prayerful experiences enjoyed in Assisi and Rome soon become only happy memories once the demands of life return.

In an effort to rekindle the spirit of the pilgrimage, and to keep the core of our Franciscan mission ever-present, we are pleased to offer these new online pilgrimage reflections. These short reflections are meant to be reminders of the places pilgrims visited in Assisi and Rome, and will hopefully inspire readers to take a few minutes for quiet reflection on how Saint Francis’ experiences and teachings continue to guide both our healing ministry and our personal lives.

New reflections will be added periodically, so please revisit this page again. And feel free to share them with friends and loved ones; you don’t have to have been a pilgrim to enjoy the richness of Francis’ life and spirituality. They are presented as PDF documents, making them easy to print and download.